Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mind your bs and ds

b/d reversals are very common in young children. However, I like to try and help those who are having issues, as soon as I realize they are struggling. 

A few years ago, I created some fun activities for my students. I found that the explicit and repetitive instruction really helped them. Recently, I updated all the activities and wanted to share some of them here, in case you have any students who are struggling with reversals. 

This is a roll and read for b/d fluency. Students roll the dice and read the row of letters for every number they roll. I encourage them to read slowly and really concentrate on the letters they see. Reading too fast will cause them to get confused. This is a great activity for a station or a small group. 

These cards and sorting sheets can be used as a whole class Scoot game or as task cards for a station or small group. There are recording sheets for 10, 12, 18, 20, and 24 cards. An answer key is included to make this self checking.

Students sort b/d cards on the sorting mats. If you print two sets of the sorting cards, they make a great memory game. You can also have them sort the cards in a pocket chart. I've had my students use the cards to write sentences. They also like to write the words and draw their own pictures. There are a total of 48 picture/word cards.

Write the room is always a favorite! There are a total of 24 word/picture cards. The recording sheet you see here is for writing the words only. There is also a recording sheet where the children find the words, record them, and draw a picture for them.

This is a simple sorting sheet. Students cut out the bs and ds and glue them in the correct column.

This is another sorting sheet. Students write in the missing letters, cut out the boxes and glue them in the correct column.

Children love using spinners! Here, they color in a bee every time they spin a b and they color in a dinosaur every time they spin a d. They keep going until they color in the whole sheet. 

Word searches are always engaging. Students find and color in the words. The word search you see here is less challenging than the other two included. The other two have 10 words. Answer keys are included to make them self checking.

There are a lot more activities included, like mini-books, two posters, more printables, and certificates for when the children have mastered their bs and ds. The certificate is a great motivator!

If you have students who are having b/d reversal issues, try out some of these activities. I think you and your students will really enjoy them. They are great for stations, whole/small groups, and interventions.

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