Friday, August 31, 2012

Rainbow Name-Bow

Week two was even better than week one!
On Friday afternoon, my first graders 
thoroughly enjoyed making
Rainbow Name-Bow's. I purchased this fun
activity from Reagan Tunstall.

My very talented student teacher wrote everyone's name
with a black sharpie and the children were told to
neatly color in their names, being as creative as they could.
Then, they stuffed their clouds and glued on the
rainbow strips. They were so proud of how they came out
and I had to convince them to let me hang them up. 
They all wanted to take them home today. 
In the end, they loved the way they looked
 and allowed me to keep them for
just a few days. Here are some of them:

This was a great activity to end the week!
You can purchase this product here.
I hope you all enjoy your well deserved
3 day weekend!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Made It!

I have never participated in Monday Made It and each week I try to figure out how I can participate because I am not very crafty. I can do lots of cute stuff on my computer, but, sadly, that's where my talent ends. Then, it hit me! I love my mailbox labels, using binder clips and I can repost how I did that. Yay! I have arrived!

These are my students' mailboxes. I typed out their names, laminated them, and taped them to the 2-inch binder clips. I love this idea because they are easy to update and I don't have to worry about labels falling off. I hope you have enjoyed my tip!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My new blog design...and a giveaway!

I am so proud to show off my brand new blog design!
Thanks to Erika and Misty, I now have
an original, one-of-a-kind, blog, that I just love.

In case you aren't familiar with The Honey Bunch Blog Design crew, let me just tell you that Erika and Misty are two of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. And, they can actually read minds! I kid you not! Somehow, they both knew what I was looking for and created a blog design that really shows off the kind of person/teacher I am. I love to have fun and I'm always bright and cheery. Just like my blog!

In addition to their Honey Bunch Blog, Erika and Misty both have teacher blogs you should check out.

I would also like to thank Nikki, from MelonHeadz Illustrations.

She also reads minds and created the cute graphics on my blog. I've never looked so cute! And, I love my silly little children!

In honor of my new blog design, I'd like to offer you all a chance to win an amazing product from Learning Resources. Have you ever seen their magnetic border? I love to put border around the outside of my white board and, in the past, I have had to put my own magnets on the border. Boy, that was a pain! It always fell down! This year, Learning Resources came out with a new product and I just love it.

See the pretty pencil border around my white board? Do you know how easy it was too hang? I just took it out of the package and placed it where I wanted it. The back is completely magnetic! It's totally a teacher's dream!

Learning Resources is so sweet! They asked me if I was interested in giving away magnetic border to one of my lucky followers. Interested? Are you kidding? Nothing makes me happier than giving stuff away. Well, I guess winning stuff is pretty awesome, too!

Anyway, the border comes in 3 designs.
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You can choose whichever one strikes your fancy.
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Friday, August 24, 2012

First Week of School Activities

I am happy to report that I survived my first week of school! 
It was actually my best first week of school in 18 years.
I already know and love my first and second graders, and they 
came back to me still trained, so
I just needed to train my kindergartners. It's definitely a 
work in progress! They are so stinkin' cute, but, most of them
cannot sit still yet or fight the impulse to blurt out anything
at any time. We didn't accomplish as much as I had hoped, but, I did accomplish the most important thing...keeping them happy and occupied so they wouldn't miss their mommies!

In kindergarten, we brainstormed some rules in the classroom, in the lunchroom, on the playground, and in the hallway. Then, they illustrated their favorite rule in each category.

We also made a class book, introducing ourselves. This is always a hit, because they love when I read it out loud and they have to guess who is who. 

You can find the templates to this book for FREE here!

In first grade, the children completed some stations.

ABC Order

All About Me Essays

Welcome Back to School
Trivia Game

We also made a tree map about First Grade.
The children made their own, but, I forgot to take
pictures. After they made their tree maps, they filled
 out a web like the one below. 
(My awesome student teacher made the above and below charts.)

Next week, they'll copy their web onto pretty paper. When they are done, they'll have a nice 5 sentence paragraph.

You can find these activities in my

My second graders made a class book about our rules and procedures.

They also made the same tree map, web, and 5 sentences paragraph as my first graders. In my back to school activity packet for second graders, I differentiated this activity and made 2 harder versions. However, I chose to use the easier version. (And, I remembered to take pictures!)

Here are some finished paragraphs.

You can find these activities in my

On a side note, my little yorkie, Max, is not thrilled that I returned to work and can't be home loving him all day.

I think he's upset with me! What do you think?

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