Friday, March 25, 2016

Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint Review and Giveaway

It's no secret that children LOVE to paint. When they see you take out the paints and the brushes and the water and set up the tables, the excitement builds and they start thinking about what they'll paint. And, of course, the children's excitement makes us happy, but, deep down inside, we know that painting can be messy and time consuming and that we're going to have a lot to clean up. We also think about where we will dry all the paintings and how we have to find the time to wash all the brushes so they don't get all crunchy. But, we do it anyway because painting is fun and children love it so much.

Well, now, thanks to Kwik Stix, from The Pencil Grip, Inc., we don't have to worry about the mess and how time consuming it is to set up and clean up! 

Kwik Stix are solid tempera paints that require no water, paint brushes, or smocks. They are low on mess and high on fun!

 Kwik Stix come in tubes. All you do to use them is twist off the top and start painting. They dry in under two minutes, so by the time someone is finished with his/her masterpiece, it is already dry. No more walking across the room with a paper dripping paint all over your carpet or floor!

Kwik Stix are easy to hold and the colors are very vibrant. They glide smoothly across the page and allow you to paint lines of varying thicknesses, as well as, fill in large areas. They dry with a beautiful paint-like finish. The paint doesn't crack, even when the paper is folded. Kwik Stix can be used on many different surfaces, like paper, posterboard, wood, and canvas. Lots of variety!

The children truly enjoy using these paint sticks.
Here are some of our completed masterpieces.

I highly recommend Kwik Stix
They make it fun to be creative and they are easy to clean up.

You can purchase Kwik Stix in a 6 pack, 12 pack, and 96 pack. They also come in Metalix and Neon! You can find them on Amazon, as well!

Would you like to win a set for your classroom? I am giving away a 12 pack of Kwik Stix to 3 lucky winners! Just enter using the rafflecopter below. I've given you lots of opportunities to increase your chances of winning. Just pick and choose the options you prefer! But, please remember to enter with integrity, as all winners will be verified. Thank you and good luck to you!

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  1. These look awesome, so much better than dragging out all the cups, brushes and messy water!

  2. These look so awesome. With 11 boys in my class this year, we haven't done much painting. These would certainly help. Happy Spring!

  3. I would love these. They would be less messy than regular tempera paint.

  4. These paints look awesome, no more cleaning paint brushes!

  5. These look like the greatest idea ever. Mess is one reason we don't paint in my class.

  6. These look wonderful! I'd love to try them!


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