Tuesday, September 29, 2015

$250 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Phew! You did it! You made it through the most exhausting part of a teacher’s school year: back to school time. Congratulations!
After a rewarding, yet very tiring, start to the beginning of the year, a few friends and I thought you might be in need of a little pick me up! Are we right? To help “pick you up,” we are giving away a $250 Amazon gift card to one lucky recipient. YES! Are you beginning to feel re-charged already? Below are the hosts of the giveaway! Recognize all of those teacher friends? That’s Marsha (the author of A Differentiated Kindergarten), Maria (the author of Kinder-Craze), Lyndsey (the author of A Year of Many Firsts), Annie (the author of The Moffatt Girls), and me!
Giveaway Hosts

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fry Word Interactive Notebooks {Editable}

I LOVE using interactive notebooks in kindergarten and first grade. They are such a valuable learning tool. I have written lots of blog posts about how I use them in my classroom. You can read them here.

I have created a whole new set of sight word interactive notebook activities for the first hundred Fry Words. 

As always, I never create my interactive activities with lots of intricate cutting and small pieces. All of the activities are either just one cut or a few cuts because I don't want to stress myself out. With too much cutting and gluing, the focus of the activity quickly shifts to how to cut and glue, rather than the content. No thanks!

These new Fry Word activities are so much fun! There are a total of 13 different activities and each one uses 5 Fry Words, in the order of frequency. However, almost every activity comes with either an editable version, or a copy without any sight words on it, so you can add your own. With 13 different activities, you can easily differentiate, to accommodate all levels. And it will be awhile until you need to repeat an activity.

Here are some of the activities included...

The activities are labeled with 5 sight words.

I included templates without any words too, so your students can use different words.

And, you'll also find templates where you can type in your own words, by adding text boxes to the templates.

Not sure how to fit interactive notebooks into your already busy day? Just remember this...these activities are meant to replace other activities. This is very important to remember. Once the children learn how to do these activities on their own, which they will, after some modeling, you can put them at a station or use as morning work. And you will be thrilled when you see how engaged and on task your students are, while completing them. 

Make sure to read my blog post about how to incorporate the left hand side of the notebook, where children interact with their new knowledge.

And what to do with fast finishers!

And how interactive notebooks are NOT just for cutting and gluing!

And some great helpful hints to ensure success!

If you want to see these activities in my teaching store, click here!

Click here to see interactive notebook activities for the second hundred words!

Click here to see activities for the third hundred words!

Click here to purchase ALL of the first 300 words in a money saving BUNDLE!

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