Saturday, August 12, 2017

Reading Comprehension

I'm sure everyone will agree with me that you can never have enough interesting, engaging, and challenging reading comprehension resources for our students. We need to support our readers, by...

-teaching decoding skills
-helping to build fluency
-building and activating background knowledge
-teaching vocabulary words
-motivating all readers
-and engaging them in discussion

I love to create reading resources that accomplish all of the above.
That's why I'm so excited to show you this new resource, which also has a phonics focus, so learning is maximized!

These 40 stories will surely engage and challenge students!
First, they read a short story.
Next, they highlight the silent e words.
Then, they answer three comprehension questions, which will help them develop the ability to find the evidence in the text.
And, finally, they write three of the silent e words from the page.

There are two different versions included.
The first version has multiple choice questions.

The second version is a bit more challenging.
Students read the questions and write in their answers.

Some of your students may not be ready for writing their own responses and some may. Having two versions makes it easy for you to differentiate instruction.

These comprehension stories are perfect for small group instruction. This is the perfect time to help students become good readers by teaching them how to use the strategies of monitoring, predicting, inferring, questioning, connecting, summarizing, visualizing, and organizing. In the beginning, the children will need a lot of support, but, gradually, with practice, they will become more confident, knowledgeable, and capable.

Eventually, for many students, these stories can also be used as morning work, center work, independent work, and homework.

To further maximize learning, you can use this pocket chart activity.

It contains the same stories as the comprehension pages. Students read the stories and match the picture to the story. This is a great center activity and students will definitely enjoy matching the pictures. An optional recording sheet is included, where students copy one of the stories and illustrate it. You can use this as handwriting practice.

Want to try these out in your classroom?
I included two free sheets in the preview.

To get them, just click here and download the preview.
If you love them, then you can check out the full pack...

Click here to see just the reading comprehension stories.

Click here to see just the pocket chart stories.

Click here to see a money saving bundle of both!

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