Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is coming up!
Here are some fun grammar and writing station activities 
for first and second graders. The activities are rich in vocabulary and will definitely teach the children how to take care of our precious planet, while reinforcing important foundational skills.

Parts of Speech Sort
Students sort the word cards on the mats 
and then fill out the recording sheet.

Sentence Editing
Students read the cards and discuss the mistakes on them. There are errors in spelling, conventions, and grammar. Then, they choose any 5 cards and write them correctly on the recording sheet. Cards also come in black and white.

Picture/Sentence Matching
Students read each sentence and match it to the picture it describes. When they finish reading and matching, they can copy some of the sentences or write their own on the recording sheet. The cards come in color and black and white.

Scrambled Sentences
Students put six sentences in order. Then, they write them neatly on the recording sheet or in the booklet, or copy the sentences, in order, onto the included stationary, making a nicely organized paragraph.

ABC Order
Students put the cards in ABC order and then fill out the recording sheet. You can choose 6 or 12 words. The cards also come in black and white.

Trivia Game
Students read 21 cards and decide if the statements say something that is good for the Earth or that hurts the Earth. An answer key is included.

Here are images of some of the other activities included.

To see these fun and engaging activities in my store, click here or on the image below. Have fun celebrating Earth Day!


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