Saturday, April 2, 2016

Interactive Notebooks: Your Questions Answered

I started using interactive notebooks in my kindergarten and first grade classroom two years ago. I had just returned to school after Spring Break and I wanted to spice things up for the remainder of the school year. During my break, I had created a few foldables and on the first day back, we just dove right in. It was a BIG game changer! 

I've received tons of great feedback about my grammar and phonics interactive notebook activities for first graders, and I'm going to share some of it with you, because I thought it would be a fun and beneficial way to answer all the questions you may have about interactive notebooks. I get asked a lot of questions about why I use them, how I use them, what do my students and their parents think of them, and how have my students benefited from them. I recently added more activities to my grammar and phonics bundle, so I'm going to intersperse some pictures throughout this post.

*Please note that some of the feedback written by the teachers may contain typos.
That is only because they were super excited to let me know their feelings!

Why should I use interactive notebooks in my classroom?

What are some of the ways you use these 
activities in your classroom?

How do your students feel about 
using interactive notebooks?

Can I use these activities if I use a reading series?

By the way, I have interactive notebook activities that are aligned to the 2014 Journeys reading series. These grammar and phonics activities are included, as well as, sight word and reading skills activities. You can find that here.

Can I use these activities if I homeschool?

Can students in other grades use these activities?

*I have interactive notebook activities for kindergartners, as well. I've received great feedback from teachers, and will write a similar post about them, soon!

If you are STILL on the fence after hearing from all these 
other teachers, here are a few last words of wisdom...

If you are ready to begin interactive notebooks in your classroom, and I hope you are, you can find my activities here. Or, click on the image below. 


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