Thursday, October 25, 2012

Writing Freebies

My students LOVE to write! In my classroom, I have this wonderful display called, I can write…
It looks like this:

I have since added 7 more posters.

My students love to choose an item from the menu to work on during station time or when they are done with their work. They can choose to...

*Write a story using any kind of paper they want. I always have a nice selection of stationary and story writing paper.

*Write a book using half or whole sheets of white construction paper for the inside and colored construction paper for the cover. My students add publishing labels when they are done.

*Write a note to someone using any of the cute notepads I have accumulated over the years.

*Write a letter to anyone using stationary.

*Write a recipe on a cute recipe card or on an index card.

*Write a list using any of the notepads or list writing paper I have.

*Write a card to anyone using any of the cards and envelopes I have. I always have plenty of seasonal, holiday, and thank you cards available.

*Write a poem.

*Write a sticker story. This is when they choose 3 stickers from the basket and place them on their paper. Then, they add details and write a story about their illustration.

*Write a scribble story. This is where they ask someone to make a scribble line on their paper using a black crayon or marker. Then, they make the scribble into a picture, add details, and write a story about it.

*Write a How To essay, using transition words.

*Write a book review using any of my book review templates.

*Write a comic strip using the comic strip template.

*Write an informative poster using large construction paper or card stock.

*Write out a word search using one of my differentiated templates.

*Write a postcard using real postcards or one of my postcard templates.

*Write an email (thanks, Hadar!). If students have access to a computer, they can write an email to a family member.
I love this display because there is always something fun and meaningful for the children to do. I never hear, "I'm done, what can I do now?"

If you would like more information about this display, just click on the link below.
Most of the menu items come with differentiated templates. Just keep a stock of them at your writing station and it is always ready to go!

Click here to see this item in my store. 
It's on sale through Sunday!

Just for reading this long post, here are two freebies that go with the pack! I hope you enjoy the sticker story and scribble story templates. I know my students love them! Just click on either image below and you will be taken to my teaching store. Click on download preview and you will find these two templates.



  1. I love this! did you ever have a "hand made" version of this on pinterest? I found it one one time and made it in my room--hand made, not as cute as yours. I even posted about it once.
    anyways, thanks for the freebies--and also big thanks for a while back giving me the info on Picassa3. I've finally figured it out and am able to make the collages.
    Do you guys have school tomorrow with Sandy blowing by?
    We have a work day--maybe,
    Stay dry,

    1. Hey, Jessica! We were already closed tomorrow. Looks like Sandy is going to soak us. Yes, I did have a homemade version of these posters. I used it for many years. Then, my creative side took over! Now, I just expanded and added more posters and templates. It's been fun to make. I'm glad Picassa is working for you!
      Ѽ Lori
      Teaching With Love and Laughter

  2. I seriously love them!! And as I was reading all the great ideas you have for what they write on, I realized my obscene collection of notepads, greeting cards, stationary and such can be put to good use!!! Genius!!! Also, you should add "write an email" for our 21st century learners ;) How cute would a little computer screen paper be!?

    1. Hadar,

      Check out my updated blog post! Thanks for the great idea!
      Ѽ Lori
      Teaching With Love and Laughter

  3. Love all these great ideas! how do you insure your students don't "waste" the materials? my group goes through newsprint lined paper like water with very little productivity (ie. one or two lines of a drawing and it's in the trash or the mailbox).....thoughts?


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