Monday, October 8, 2012

Fire Prevention Week Activities

I just wanted to pop in to show you some of the activities my students are working on for Fire Prevention Week.

My kindergartners are making fire trucks. Later in the week, they'll attach these trucks to a fire safety rules poster. They are having so much fun putting their trucks together. This activity is part of the fire safety pack from Primary Reading Party.

Although this isn't fire safety related, I wanted to share with you how hard my kinder's are working on learning all about descriptive attributes. 

First, they went on a hunt around the room to find objects. Then, they wrote descriptive words to describe the objects.

Next, they had to tell me their favorite color and why it was their favorite color.

Then, I put lots of objects in a bag and they closed their eyes and chose one. They had to write a sentence describing their object.

Finally, they drew self portraits and chose one detail of their picture to describe, using a descriptive attribute. While they were waiting for me to conference with them, I challenged them to write an additional sentence. That's why some of them have a sentence that is not related to their self-portrait.

Okay, back to fire safety week! In first and second grade, we brainstormed words to describe firefighters. 

Then, the children made their own webs.

Now, they are using their webs to write a descriptive paragraph about firefighters. I'll share those with you later in the week.

They are also working to unscramble sentences. I love this activity because I find it really helps them develop good sentence writing skills.

Another fun station for them, is the complete/incomplete sentence sort. 

After they sort the sentences on the sorting mat, they must choose 5 of the incomplete sentences and make them complete. Here's a finished one from a first grader.

All of these activities can be found in my two fire safety packs.

I'll be back later in the week to share some of the finished products.
Happy Fire Prevention Week!


  1. Hi Lori,
    I love that firemen web! it's great! My kids are also really into those scrambled sentences now. very cool.

    1. I'm really noticing a difference in their conventions. I hope you are, too! Thanks for stopping by!
      Ѽ Lori
      Teaching With Love and Laughter

  2. I love the web! I am doing my Fire Safety unit very soon and I def wanna make a cute web like that! Thanks for sharing that idea!

    Teaching Munchkins

  3. My kiddos LOVE sentence scrambles! I need to add your fire safety scrambles to my activities this week!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. Great ideas for fire prevention week! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I did the firefighter web with my kindergartners today. Is there a good story to read before doing this? They did not understand words to tell about a firefighter on the inside. Many of them told me that a firefighter is a firefighter. I did have a girl tell me "brave and strong" and I made a big deal of those words, but the rest of them did not get it. When I told them that firefighters were heroes, one boy said that they can't be heroes because they can't fly! :)

    1. Lee Ann,

      I read a great book, but it's at school and I don't remember the title. Any non-fiction book, that shows firefighters in action are best. You can also lead them to some great words. "Firefighters always help people. They must be..." HELPFUL!


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