Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Organizing Patterns for Crafts

Do you do lots of crafts and craftivities in your classroom? Do the children trace patterns? Do you get frustrated when the patterns mysteriously disappear? If you answered yes to any of  the above questions, then, this blog post may be the answer to your dreams!
Here's what I've been doing this year to help keep track of all the patterns to my projects. I put them all in a separate baggie, along with the paper the children need to use for that pattern. I also label each pattern with what it is and the color it needs to be. I've taught the children to put the pattern back into the baggie once they are done using it. I am happy to say that they haven't lost any pattern (yet) this year. Try it! You won't be sorry!
Does this craftivity look familiar? I'm sure it does! It's from Caitlin's Apple Unit!
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  1. Lori, I do this with all of mine too!!! I also do this with letters that I cut for bulletin boards. I put them in a baggie, then label the baggie with the bulletin title :)

    Thanks for sharing that craftivity!
    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

  2. I am so going to try this helpful hint. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Super idea! I'm having an awesome giveaway if you want to check it out!
    The Hive

  4. You've been Boo-ed! Hop on over to check out the post... I'm looking forward to reading about your favorite fall activities!

  5. I just love your craftivity Lori! It reminds me of why I look at Flat Stanley! :) Great time.

    I'm your newest follower :)

    Liz - BaysideTeacher


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