Monday, July 24, 2017

CVC Word Family Booklets...perfect for back to school!

Are you ready for the new school year yet? 
It's almost time for some of us!

If you are ready to start planning, then you may want to check out these brand new CVC Word Family Booklets!

Teaching word families is a year long journey, and these books are more than ready to take that journey with you!

I'm all about hands on learning, but, you also need to have plenty of printables, as well. That's where these books will really come in handy!

There are 24 different books, one for just about every short vowel word family. And, each book comes with a whopping 16 DIFFERENT fun and engaging activities. 

The activities range in level of difficulty, making it very easy for you to differentiate learning. Some students may be ready for the challenge of putting words in ABC order, or reading and writing sentences, and some may not.

Children LOVE to make books! If you're a book maker, like me, then you'd use the covers. The one shown below is an example from the -at family. You can also treat these pages like any other printable, and not make books. It's totally up to you!

So, let's say you decide to assemble books...

Just print the cover and any of the 16 DIFFERENT activities for the word family you are teaching. I print them front to back to save paper. Then, staple the books and hand them out. It's that simple!

Let's take a peek at all the activities included for each of the 24 books.

Configuration Station
Students write the words in the correct boxes.

Break the Code
Students use the code to figure out the words. Then, they write the words on the lines.

Word Search
Students find and highlight the words in the word search.

Unscramble Me
Students unscramble the words and write them on the lines.

Word Fluency
Students color in the words and then read them five times.

Read it, Rainbow Write it, Write it Fancy
Students write the words using different colors and fancy writing.

What's Your Word Worth?
Students find the worth of each word, using the scrabble tiles. Then, they write the word(s) that are worth the most and the least.

Fill it In
Students fill in the missing letters of the words.

Find and Highlight
Students highlight the words in each row that are spelled correctly.

Word Family Houses
Students write the words to match the pictures, plus one bonus word on the lines. Then, they write the words in the house.

Spin and Color
On the lines, students write the words for the pictures in the spinner. Then, they use the color code to color in the words that are already written in each gumball.

Roll and Write
Students roll the dice and write the words for the numbers they roll. Then, they write which words they rolled the most and the least.

Color, Write, and Highlight
Students color the picture, trace the word, write the word, and highlight the letters that form the word.

ABC Order
Students write the words in ABC order.

Read, Draw, and Write
Students read the words on the book, draw a picture of each word, and then use each word in a sentence.

Sentence Match
Students read each pair of sentences and put a check mark next to the sentence that describes the picture. Then, they write that sentence on the line.

As you can see, the activities vary in difficulty. There's plenty of choices for every single learner in the classroom.

I created 16 different activities for each word family because I wanted to be sure to have enough choices for those who need more practice. Also, you can use some for morning work, some for station work, some for independent work, some for small group instruction, some for homework, etc. 

I am super excited about these word family booklets and I hope you are too!

Click here or on the image below to see them in my store!


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