Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Break the Code Math Edition

I am so excited about these new Break the Code activity sheets! Up until now, all my Break the Code resources have focused on ELA...not anymore!

I really enjoy reading all the feedback teachers write about my resources, and, sometimes, the feedback gives me great ideas for new resources. Someone recently suggested making a math edition of Break the Code, and I totally ran with the idea!

There are 30 different activity sheets. 
Students solve ONLY addition equations.

There are 30 different activity sheets.
Students solve A MIX of addition and subtraction equations.

Students solve the equations and then use the code to figure out what the question is. Then, they answer the question, using complete sentences, proper conventions, and lots of creative thought.

Students will really enjoy the challenge of solving the equations to figure out the question and you will really enjoy reading their responses. Especially if you encourage your students to put part of the question in their answer and to include lots of great details. 

The questions are thought provoking, interesting, and appropriate for young learners.

What a GREAT way to integrate math and grammar!

Break the Code is perfect for morning work, station work, independent work, homework, and days when you have a substitute teacher. They are easy to prepare and will keep your students engaged and challenged.

You can try a FREE addition Break the Code! 
Click here or on the image below...

You can purchase a money saving bundle of 

Or, you can purchase each one separately...

Make sure to try out the FREE sheet!


  1. Looks like a great activity, but unfortunately, each time I attempt to access the page, I only get a blank page.

    1. A blank page? I just checked and it is working fine. Email me and I'll send it to you!


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