Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Can Write Sentences!

I updated one of my best sellers and wanted to share the updates with you.

I Can Write Sentences used to be just a few activity sheets, where students cut up words and use them to make sentences. It was great, but after you used the two sheets, well, that was it! Writing proper sentences is one of the toughest skills for scholars of all ages and these activity sheets will surely help your students become more successful.

I added tons more sheets! Now, there are a total of 13 different sentence building sheets! And they are differentiated. Three of them have only 15 words, for beginners. The other 10 have 21 words. And there are 6 statement sheets and 4 question sheets. 

These sentence writing sheets are lots of fun. Students cut out the words and arrange them to make sentences. First, I have my students make as many sentences as they can. Some make short sentences and some make longer sentences. I included a period on the statement pages and a question mark on the question pages, and each page has some words that begin with capital letters, to remind the children that all sentences must begin with a capital and end with punctuation. There are also 4 different recording sheets for writing 2, 3, 4, and 6 sentences. 

But that's not it! I LOVE using pocket charts, so I also made pocket chart sized words that go with each activity sheet. Students can make sentences in the pocket chart at one station and then do the activity sheet at another station. Or just do one without the other. The possibilities are endless!

I took these pictures at home, but at school I use these pocket charts...

See the little pockets at the bottom of each pocket chart? I always keep words in there. Right now there are scrambled sentences, but I'll be putting these words in there when I return from my spring break vacation. And the activity sheets will be at my word work station. 

All of the words included are the Pre-Primer and Primer Dolch Words and CVC words. This way, the children can read them independently. And if there is a word they can't read, they can just ask a friend for help. This is a great station to have on hand while you are teaching your small groups. Lots and lots of engagement!

I made everything in black and white. Even the pocket chart words. I printed each set on different colored copy paper. As a matter of fact, each set of pocket chart cards are numbered to match its corresponding activity sheet, so you can easily keep them organized.

I hope you like the updates as much as I do! If you already purchased this pack, which used to be called "Make a Sentence Game", please go and download the product again, so you can get the updates. This is a GREAT way to help your little learners write proper sentences. And, as we all know, this is not an easy task!


  1. This looks so great! Where on earth did you get that wonderful little mini chart/stand set??

    1. Amber,

      Here is the link to where I got the pocket chart center. I love it!

      Teaching With Love and Laughter

  2. This is great and exactly what my students need! Plus, I think they'll actually have a lot of fun using this product. Thank you!

    Grasty's 2nd Grade Goodies

  3. Love this!

    Down the Learning Road


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