Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Beginning of my Organized Journey

Last week, I went into school to start setting up my classroom. Between moving to a new room and receiving tons and tons of new reading materials, I have a long road ahead of me. I wish I took pictures of my room before I started unpacking, but I was too busy tripping over things, falling into things, cutting myself, knocking things down. I am really clumsy and the clutter made it that much worse! I counted 7 black and blues up and down my legs and a myriad of cuts, as well!

As I unpacked all of my new reading materials, I put many of the items right into bins, labeled by lesson.

The top left picture shows the labeled bin. I am probably going to change it so I only have 10 lessons per bin. I teach first grade, too, and the bins are quite heavy. Ultimately, each bin will contain 10 lessons from each grade, for a total of 3 bins altogether. The top right photo shows how I labeled the folders. First grade has yellow labels. The bottom two pictures shows what is in each folder. Basically, anything that I will use or may use for each lesson, was filed away. Each week, I will remove the folder I need and keep it on my table for easy access. I don't have a million different things laying around. And I definitely won't misplace anything! The lower left picture shows the cards that are part of my kindergarten and first grade Journeys units. They are all for my focus board. I'll snap some pictures of that when I am done setting it up. I'm hoping that will be tomorrow! Hopefully, I won't spend the day hurting myself!

Stay tuned for my next giveaway. I was given the chance to review and give away some mighty fine items! 


  1. I love your bin idea. I have your Journeys for K pack and decided to put it in an expanding file in much the same way. I love the idea of putting everything I might want to use in each lesson folder, so I hope the case will hold it all. If not, I may try the bin, too! I am anxious to see your focus wall--will you be using a pocket chart or did you make something??? I can't imagine doing K and 1st!! From a fellow klutz, good luck finishing up your nickname is "Grace" hahaha!! thanks for the post--looking forward to the next!

  2. Looks like you have it well thought out on how you want to organized. I did something very similar with our old reading series. One thing I added was a large zip lock bac to make sure pieces didn't fall out when I pulled the file out. Hope you can get the rest of the room done w/o much black and blue.

  3. Thanks for the update. I love reading about how others organize. We have Journeys arriving too, but it hasn't arrived yet (getting a little nervous about that!). Can I ask, what do the leveled readers libraries look like? Do they come in little shelves, like the old Treasures, or something different? I'm trying to organize my room and it's getting tricky without all the components. Stay safe lol!

  4. We will be using Journeys too this year and still don't have any materials! I love your idea!

  5. Do you know that we STILL don't have our Reading Materials!? teachers go back in TWO DAYS! AND EVERYTHING needs to be stamped still! oy!

  6. A move might actually do us some good and force us to get rid of some of the ridiculous amount of stuff we have (there's always a bright side-right?!).

    Here's hoping the moving gods are looking after you and will give you the vision for the perfect set up! And a lot less bruising too. Hugs friend!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  7. The Journeys reading curriculum (books) come in shoe box like boxes with two handles and no lid. Make room for LOTS of materials.

  8. We started back on the 5th and we are just now starting to get our materials a few boxes at a time...I am looking for a better way to organize it even though I like the large plastic bins for each unit and the bins the books come in. Thank you for your ideas, I think I will borrow (steal) them!


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