Monday, May 13, 2013

Fun Games!

Now that we are wrapping up the school year (16 days left!), my students are enjoying some really fun games. They haven't realized yet, though, that these fun games are helping them review and practice some important skills that they learned this year. Shhh! Don't tell them!

Here are two games they have been playing. The first one is a digraph game.

*Please note that I updated the game after the pictures were taken.

There are 6 colorful game boards, a spinner, and 130 self-checking digraph word/picture cards. You can put them all out or as many as you need for the number of players playing the game.

Students take turns spinning the spinner and finding the digraph cards. The object of the game is to be the first player to cover the board. But, there are some interesting twists and turns along the way.

If you land on "give a card" you have to give someone else a card from your board.

If you land on "take a card" you can take a card that you need from someone else's board. There is also a "free space" square, where you can put a card with any digraph.

The game is self-checking. Just print the answers on the back of the digraph pictures.

Here is the lucky winner!

This is the CVCe edition.

*Please note that the updated version includes a cute image
 on each card that matches the word.
It contains 6 colorful game boards, a spinner, and 141 self-checking CVCe picture/word cards. Each player spins the spinner and finds a CVCe word on the table that matches the pattern on the spinner. For example, if the player spins _a_e, they can choose the word late. The answers are on the back. The game can be differentiated to accommodate all levels. For an easier game, the cards can be word side up. For a more difficult game, you would keep the side up that has the missing vowel. 

Then, they would flip the card over to check their answer.

This game contains the same twists as the digraph game.

Give a card!

Take a card! Yes, the sweetie in pink is trying to talk her out of taking one of her cards! But, she took it anyway! LOL!

And, here is the happy winner!

So, there you have it! Two fun games that help reinforce valuable skills. The games are fun AND meaningful. Here's a direct quote from one of my students: "Seriously, Ms. Rosenberg, you must make more of these games! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

The games also come with recording sheets. 

If you would like to see the games in my store, just click on each image below.


Here are more versions of this super fun game!


  1. Looks likes your kids had so much fun! I'd love the CVCe edition.

  2. Wow! These look awesome :) I'd love to win! If I win, I'll take the cvce! Thanks so much!!

  3. I love both games! If I win, I would like the digraph edition.

  4. These games look awesome!! I would love to win the digraph version!

    Your students are so cute!


  5. What great games they are! I would love to win the digraph version.


  6. Love these! They both look great, but if I had to pick I would want the digraph version.


  7. These are amazing!! I also love how you have your pictures of nouns, verbs and adjectives in pocket charts!! I am gonna do that for next year!!!
    If I am the lucky winner I would love the digraph version!
    Thanks a million for all you do!!!

    Forgot my

  8. Both look fantastic! I would love the digraph version!


  9. I would love to have these! My kindergarten kids would love them!

  10. What fun games! Oh I would love the digraph version. Thanks for the chance.

  11. These look great! I would love the digraph version!


  12. Oh, Lori! These are awesome! I love the twists and turns :):) If I'm lucky enough to win, I'll take the digraph edition! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

    Little Miss Primary

  13. These look like so much fun! I'd love to win the digraph version :)


  14. The digraph edition would be great in my classroom!! I love all the bright colors! So fun!! crossed I win!! :-)

  15. They both like a lot of fun (love the bright colors!)! I'd love the digraph one!

  16. These are fantastic! I would love to add the digraph edition to my first grade classroom! My email is


  17. Love the pictures! It's so hard to decide but I'll put my hat in for the cvce game!

  18. What fun games for review! I love the cvce version!

    Lindsey -

  19. These look neat. I would like the CVCe one. I only have 2 days left. Yeah.

  20. These are super cute. I'd love to win the digraph game set.
    We have 16 more days to go with kids!!

  21. WOW! Both games look fabulous! I'm not picky, I'd love either! We have 12 more days...but who's counting????

  22. These are so fun! I'd love to win the CVCe edition. Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. These games look awesome and it looks like the kids really enjoy them! I would love the CVCe edition! Hope I win!

  24. I would love to win one of these awesome games! We are reviewing diagraphs right now!

  25. Those kids look like they are having a great time! I would love a chance to win one of your great resources. The game I would choose is the CVCe game. That's always a challenging concept.

    Thanks you, I am happy to follow you!
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  26. Those look like fun games! I would love the chance to win your CVCe game! Thanks!

  27. These look great! I would love either and wouldn't be able to pick if I won ;) I'd chance it!

  28. These are ADORABLE!!!! :) How fun!!!
    You're so creative. :)

  29. I would LOVE to win the CVCe games- I think my firsties would really enjoy them!

  30. Lori, you don't need to brag about having 16 days left!!! {I kid, I LOVE you!!}
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  31. These games look great. I know a group of students who would love and benefit from the CVCe game. Your products are fantastic and I have never been disappointed with anything I bought.
    Enjoy your last 16 days :)

    1. Congratulations, Jean! I used the random number generator and your number won! I will email the CVCe game to you! I hope you enjoy it!
      Ѽ Lori
      Teaching With Love and Laughter

  32. That's just so darn stinking cute! I love it! I"m your newest follower!!!

    24/7 Teacher Amy Harrod

  33. I would love to win the CVCe version.

  34. The games look wonderful! I think I would choose the digraph version!
    Enchanting Elementary

  35. Wow Lori this is awesome! My struggling kiddos are working on digraphs right now! Therefore, I would choose the digraph version. :o)

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  36. Cute idea! I would like the digraph version. Thank you!

  37. These look awesome! I love both, but would choose the digraph one. Thanks!

  38. These look amazing Lori!They both look amazing but I would I'm leaning toward the CVCe game.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  39. Lori,
    I am a Super Fan of yours! My students love using your products! I love both games, but since digraphs can be so tricky, I'd have to vote for that one. Thanks for having a giveaway!
    ♥Teaching Fabulous Firsties!♥

  40. I love these games! I'd love to try out your digraphs game.
    A View Into My Classroom

  41. These game look wonderful!! I think I would like to try out the digraph game.

  42. Great job!! I would love to try out the diagraph game. Thank you for a chance to be a winner! Helen

  43. You are so unbelievably creative! I would love to have the cvc-e game to review at the end of the year!

    I also love the pictures of the winners and the girl trying to save her cards!! Thanks for sharing! :)


  44. These look wonderful! The CVC cards would be great for the end of our year. I'm counting down the days. Thanks, Jackie

  45. These look amazing Lori-like they could be straight out of a teacher store! Beautifully done!
    We are soooo ready for summer but have quite a bit more than 16 days left! Enjoy!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade


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