Friday, August 24, 2012

First Week of School Activities

I am happy to report that I survived my first week of school! 
It was actually my best first week of school in 18 years.
I already know and love my first and second graders, and they 
came back to me still trained, so
I just needed to train my kindergartners. It's definitely a 
work in progress! They are so stinkin' cute, but, most of them
cannot sit still yet or fight the impulse to blurt out anything
at any time. We didn't accomplish as much as I had hoped, but, I did accomplish the most important thing...keeping them happy and occupied so they wouldn't miss their mommies!

In kindergarten, we brainstormed some rules in the classroom, in the lunchroom, on the playground, and in the hallway. Then, they illustrated their favorite rule in each category.

We also made a class book, introducing ourselves. This is always a hit, because they love when I read it out loud and they have to guess who is who. 

You can find the templates to this book for FREE here!

In first grade, the children completed some stations.

ABC Order

All About Me Essays

Welcome Back to School
Trivia Game

We also made a tree map about First Grade.
The children made their own, but, I forgot to take
pictures. After they made their tree maps, they filled
 out a web like the one below. 
(My awesome student teacher made the above and below charts.)

Next week, they'll copy their web onto pretty paper. When they are done, they'll have a nice 5 sentence paragraph.

You can find these activities in my

My second graders made a class book about our rules and procedures.

They also made the same tree map, web, and 5 sentences paragraph as my first graders. In my back to school activity packet for second graders, I differentiated this activity and made 2 harder versions. However, I chose to use the easier version. (And, I remembered to take pictures!)

Here are some finished paragraphs.

You can find these activities in my

On a side note, my little yorkie, Max, is not thrilled that I returned to work and can't be home loving him all day.

I think he's upset with me! What do you think?


  1. Looks like a great first week! And it's so sad for our puppies at the end of summer!!! :-)

  2. My two dogs are wild in the a.m. when my sister lets them out before she goes to work at 6.....then once they get in my room, they think its time to go back to bed!

    We did your "Who am I" activity the other day, and as I was reading them tonight one kiddo wrote that he was a football! I guess he didn't realize what the heck we were doing:)

  3. Lori, You got a lot done in your first week! I can only hope!! I love your "Who am I book!" Can't wait to use it with my firsties next week! Thanks so much!!

  4. what great ideas!! LOVE them :) Looks like I'll be able to do some of those since I'll pretty much be starting my year!!

  5. What great first week ideas, Lori! Max is adorable! I'm sure he will soon realize his new routine...maybe not like it but will get used to it! Glad to hear you had an amazing first week back.

    Ѽ Alessia
    Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

  6. I love Max!!! And I love when Yorkie's stick their tongues out a little bit! Could they be any cuter!? I need one. Asap.

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  7. I think Max is quite unhappy with you. I didn't think it was possible for a dog to make a pout face, but... lol! I'm sure you make it up to him when you get home. :) Happy weekend!
    Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

  8. WOW, Lori! What a fabulous first week your kiddies have had! I love the activities and am bookmarking this post for when our next school year starts in January 2013 (still have to make it through this school year first!!). Happy week ahead to you:) ~ Tina
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  9. omg lori your dog is just tooooooo darn cute...congrats on finishing your first week of school !!

  10. Love all your projects. I hope I get half that done when we start in Sept. Oh how I hate our late start'm ready to get going!

  11. Love all your projects. I hope I get half that done when we start in Sept. Oh how I hate our late start'm ready to get going!

  12. Poor Max....looks like he's sticking his little tongue out at you :) Thanks for all the advice!

  13. Congrats on a great first week! I love your new blog design! Super cute! Love Melonheadz!:)
    Crayons and Curls

  14. This is such a great post! I LOVE seeing all the writing in action. You have some AWESOME packs up!!

  15. I really enjoy your work! I love your "I can listen posters" in one of the classroom photos. Do you have those available somewhere to buy/print? Thanks!


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