Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Grade Sight Word Packets

Teaching sight words to young children is so important to help ensure reading and writing success.  I love using the Dolch words, but I do add several words to this list.  For my students, I created 15 reproducible sight word packets that teach the first grade Dolch words plus several other words that are frequently found in books and used in writing. The packets are so much fun and easy to use that most of my students are able to complete them independently. They are perfect for whole-class learning, individual station work, homework, or as an early morning arrival activity. The packets contain activities such as: word configuration, fill in the blanks, ABC order, writing sentences, rhyming, missing letters, word searches, and more. Each of the 15 lists contain six engaging activities for the children to complete.  I use one packet every two weeks, so they cover 30 weeks of school.  The activities increase in difficulty as the children work their way through the lists. There are a few more activities in the packet that are not included in the preview. Please click on the image below to check out these packets.

I have similar packets for my second graders, as well.


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