Friday, March 23, 2012

Does Your Story Answer These Questions?

Do your students often leave you wondering who their story is about? Or when or where it takes place? Or what is happening? Are you looking for a way for them to include more details and action in their stories? 

These 6 posters will help remind your writers to include this information in their stories so you are not left confused and wanting more. With large lettering and eye-catching clip art, these colorful posters will not only look beautiful in your classroom, but will serve a real purpose.  

Click on the picture below to check them out. If you like them, please let me know! Thank you so much!


  1. LOVE it!!!! I just purchased it and left feedback at TPT! You just saved me from saying this over and over and over again when my little rushers attempt to bring me a story that is ONE sentence long! Ha! Thanks.....can't wait to introduce it to them on Monday! :-)


  2. Tanya, thanks so much for the feedback. I left you a note on TpT to check my classroom photos to see how I hang the posters. It really does help my students expand upon their writing. Please let me know how it works in your classroom. Thanks!

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