Sunday, January 15, 2017

I Have...Who Has...?

My students LOVE to play games and one of their favorite games is I Have...Who Has...? It's a whole group game and they literally cheer when I say we're going to play!

Through the years, I've created many different versions of this fun game and even I never get tired of playing it. The children are always captivated because if you tune out for even a second, you run the risk of missing your turn.

This new parts of speech edition is extra challenging, because the children need to read sentences and identify the different parts of speech.

I made 8 different games, so they can be played all year long.

As you can see, I color coded the games to make them easier to store. I store mine in Ziploc baggies, labeled with each game. (The labels are included!)

So, how do you play I Have...Who Has...?

The student with the first card reads his card. If you were playing Game 1, he would read...

The child who has the common noun boy, would then read his card.

And the game goes on until the last card is read.

To make the game more challenging, I repeated some words in the same game. For example...

When the student with the first card shown above reads his card, the student with the second card shown above may think he has the next card in the progression because his card says, "I have candy." However, candy is not an adjective. 
See what I did there? Tricky, tricky!

I Have...Who Has...? Parts of Speech Edition is the perfect game to help reinforce the different parts of speech in an exciting, challenging, and engaging way!

Click here to see it in my store!  

Recently, I updated a few of my other I Have...Who Has...? games.

I also made some sight word editions:

The First Hundred Fry Words
If you download the preview, you will find a FREE game!

I also have a CVC Word Edition:

And two math editions:

As you can see, I wasn't joking around when I said I LOVE the game!


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