Monday, August 29, 2016

Sight Word Packets

Teaching sight words to young children is so important to help ensure reading and writing success. I created these sight word packets to help you introduce the Fry Words or Dolch Words to your students, and to enable them to practice the words every single day. 

These no-prep sight word activity sheets are easy for you to incorporate into your daily schedule and are fun, challenging, and engaging for children.

Just print the booklet cover, which is labeled with the words included, and as many of the 12 different activities as you want. Print them double sided and staple, to make a book. Since the activities vary in difficulty, you can easily differentiate the activities to meet the needs of each student. And, since there are so many different activities for each list, you can vary the activities you assign each week. You can give more activities to some students or have some children keep the same list for two weeks.

Each list comes with a cover, which is labeled with the list number and includes all the words in that list. Here is the List 1 cover from the Fry Words Second Hundred Words Edition...

And here is the List 5 cover from the Dolch Words Edition...

Here are all the activities included in the Fry Word and Dolch Word Packets. 

The Fry Word Packets all contain 10 words in each list. The Dolch Word Packets have 6-8 words in each list. Lists 1-10 contain 6 words and Lists 11-20 contain 8 words.

There are a total of 20 packets in the Dolch Word Edition and they consist of the Pre-Primer, Primer, and First Grade Words, as well as, 11 words from the Second Grade List.

As you can see, the activities are definitely fun and engaging and all the repetition will surely help your young learners read and write their sight words. And, children LOVE to make books! These books can be kept in their book boxes once they are completed, to be read over and over again.

You can find these sight word packets in my store by clicking on the images below.


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