Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mother's Day Writing Freebie and Product Updates

I've been updating some of my earlier products, mostly because I wanted an excuse to purchase some new clip art! LOL! Do you already own my topics to write about cards? If so, you can download the updated version here. In addition to adding tons of new cards, I also switched out the clip art and changed the font and border. These cards are great for your work on writing station, as they help the children come up with topics to write about. Gone are the days of hearing, "I can't think of anything to write about!" These cards were made to fit in a pocket chart, however, I keep mine in a small container.

Stay tuned for more product updates. Currently, I am working on making word sorting cards to go with all my Word Sorts activities. Here's a sneak peak...
My students love these word sorts. I thought it would be beneficial for them to sort the words in a pocket chart before they filled out the recording sheet. Although I'll be making heading cards, like Long a and Short a, I probably won't have my students use them. I like for them to sort the words based on the similar patterns and then decide for themselves what the phonics rule is. If I give them the heading cards, they won't have the opportunity to figure it out on their own. But, I'll make them because I know other teachers might prefer to use them.

In other news, we've been working on some Mother's Day activities. I have this letter writing template at my work on writing station. The children have been writing letters to their moms.

You can find this letter writing template, and many more, here, in my Writing Right Through April and May pack.

Here's a cute Mother's Day card my students made for their moms (or aunts or grandmas or mums).

This is the front cover. Some of my students followed a directed drawing I found on Heidi's Blog. Heidi's step by step directions are very easy to follow.

Some of my students drew their moms all by themselves. If only I had just an ounce of their talent!

The inside of the card is a writing frame that I had in my files from years ago. Truth be told, I'm not sure where it originated from because I just have it written on a piece of paper. I used to have my students copy it neatly for a handwriting activity. This year, I typed it up all pretty. If anyone knows where the wording came from, please let me know so I can give proper credit.

I printed the writing template front to back and had my students write a rough draft. Then, we met and fixed some of the spelling errors. Finally, they copied the writing onto a new template, and glued it in the center of their card. I had such a ball reading all of them and I know the moms will cherish them.

Click here to get the writing template for FREE! 

I also made this FREE writing template for Father's Day.

Click here to download it!


  1. Thank you for making this available for Mother's Day!

    1. You're very welcome Rosemary! Thanks for stopping by!


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