Sunday, March 8, 2015

Short Vowels and Building Fluency

Kindergarten is working very hard, memorizing short vowel sounds. 
Short e and short i are definitely the toughest short vowel sounds!

During small groups, these short vowel mats continue to be a favorite activity.

Students take turns choosing words from the basket. They have to figure out the missing short vowel. This activity has tons of picture/word cards so we can play it over and over again and still not get any repeats!

You can find these short vowel mats here.

Here's a new activity that has quickly become a kindergarten favorite! 

Students read short sentences containing words they already recognize (sight words) or can decode, which builds their fluency. They are PERFECT for those who need to build their confidence in reading longer passages and/or stories. 

The (differentiated) recording sheets help me check for mastery. Students choose two, three, five, or seven sentences to write and illustrate. This gives them practice writing proper sentences.

There are 120 different sentences, so this is also an activity that I can use all year for kindergarten and with struggling first graders.

I store them in this cup from the Target Dollar Spot, making them easy to tote around.

I love this time of year in kindergarten! The children are engaged and eager to learn and, well, pretty much the opposite of when they first started the school year! LOL!


  1. So glad I landed on your blog! Amazing ressources on here!

  2. I love these! I just wish listed them for a few of my strugglers - will definitely be looking at them for after the break.


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