Friday, July 4, 2014

Kindergarten Sight Words Interactive Notebooks

I am on an interactive notebook roller coaster and I can't get off!
If you haven't read my last two blog posts about why I am addicted to interactive notebooks, you can read them now. Just click here and here.

Here's my latest creation!

Since I use the 2014 Journeys Reading Program, I used those words to make these exciting activities.

I love teaching sight words and the children definitely love learning them. I am very excited about using a notebook to hold all these activities, because I know the children will benefit greatly from having this resource at their fingertips every day. 

I am certain this book will be an extremely useful learning tool. As in all interactive notebooks, the children will be able to refer to them if they forget how to spell a word, and by reading these books repeatedly, they will memorize the spelling of these words way quicker. Unlike activity sheets that go home each day, these books will always be available to the children. 

If we have a few minutes to kill, the children can look through their notebooks and read the words. If they didn't finish coloring a page, they can work on that too. Even while coloring, the children are still looking at the words and committing them to memory.

The activities included are all labeled with the lesson number. The activities get a little more challenging as the year progresses. I grouped the first several lessons together since there are not a lot of words to learn. Here is how I grouped the lessons...
After Lessons 13-14, they are no longer grouped together. Starting with Lesson 16, there are 8 activities for each lesson. You can pick and choose the activities you want to do each day and do some during whole group, small group, stations, independent work, or even for homework. Whatever works best for your schedule.

I bundled this pack together with my Phonics Interactive Notebook activities, so you can purchase both at a discount. Although the phonics notebook activities are not labeled for the Journeys lessons, they do include activities for all the kindergarten phonics skills covered in Journeys . Click the image below to purchase the bundled notebooks.

I am so excited to use all my new interactive notebook activities, that I (almost) want school to start soon!
Now is a great time to snag them!
Thank you Dragonflies in First for the CUTE sale button!

In honor of Independence Day, my whole store is on sale Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Now is a great time to pick up all your interactive notebook activities and anything else you may want to prep for the new school year. Just click on the button below to start shopping!


  1. This was definitely a "tweetable/pinnable" Lori! I did both, and can't wait to try it! Will you intro the notebook with Lesson1? I am hoping my new group is scissor/glue ready, but am not holding my breath! :)

    1. Thanks so very much Maggie! I will definitely intro the notebook with Lesson 1. It's the perfect time because I always like to do things whole group at the beginning of the year.

  2. I just purchased one of your bundles last week and I can't wait to use it! Now I am looking for a good math interactive notebook. Do you know of anyone with a good one to purchase? Or of someone who could make one.... hint, hint... ;)

    1. Ha! I definitely will not be creating math notebooks! Have you looked at notebooks from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits? She's amazing!

  3. Love this sight word idea!!! What great practice!!! I think you should make a First Grade Wonders Bundle too! :)


    1. Thanks so much! Give it time! I'm certain someone will come up with a Wonders edition! LOL!


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