Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gingerbread Writing Freebie

Here's a simple kindergarten gingerbread writing activity for you! After reading a gingerbread man book, have the children decide what they want their own gingerbread man to run from.

I didn't help the children write their words. They had to get their mouth ready to say it and keep writing the letters for the sounds they heard. They did a great job and were very proud of themselves.

Click here to get this for free!

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Here is some of what's included...

Here's a picture of the gingerbread dolls my first graders made using fabric paint. This is always a huge hit!

And some close-ups...


  1. Thanks so much! The pages for the book will be perfect for our gingerbread day coming up.

  2. Thank you so much for the gingerbread page!! My class will love it!!!! If I turn it into a class book, they will love it even more :)

  3. So cuute and totally useful. Great for this time of year but also can be used anytime. Thanks

  4. This is precious! We are doing The Gingerbread Man for Guided Reading next week - can't wait! Thanks for the freebie and awesome ideas :)


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