Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sight Word Booklets

Children love to make books and lately, my students have been making plenty of them! Here is the newest edition to my collection of little books...

These sight word booklets are chock full of fun activities for the children to complete to help them learn and practice their weekly sight words. Although the words come from the kindergarten Journeys reading program, these books can also be used if you don't use this reading program.

First, they trace and color each word.

Then, they fill in the missing letter.

Then, they write the words in the correct configuration boxes.

Next, they write each word using different colored pencils.

Next up, is counting how many letters are in each word.

And finally, they practice building their sight word fluency.

This was the first book my students completed and we did it together. From now on, these books will be a part of my Word Work Station. I am confident that my students can complete these books independently, with great success. These activities will surely help them learn all the kindergarten sight words.

If you would like to use these books in your class, just click the image below to find them in my store.

You can find all my sight word activities here and all my little books here. I promise you, your students will really enjoy them!

Currently, I am working on making these little books for word families. I think my students will really enjoy them. I hope your students do too!


  1. Love these! I just filled my cart with all your little books and thanksgiving unit! I should just buy your whole store. You are always right on with your creations!

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