Saturday, April 7, 2012

I've been tagged!

Thank you, Becky, Susie, and Tanya, for tagging me! If you don't already follow their awesome blogs, I urge you to click on over there right now.
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Mrs. Dwyer's A+ Firsties

Now, I will attempt to answer all 30 questions!

Ms. T's questions were:
(BTW, I accidentally answered the same questions she received, but I am leaving them because it took me so long to answer them! Sorry! They were really good questions, though!)

1. If you could teach any grade, what would it be?
First Grade (Right now, I teach Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade)

2. What is the one thing you couldn't live without in your classroom?
My students! LOL!
3. What's one thing you need in your classroom?
A Smart Board would be great.
4. What's your favorite school lunch?
Peanut butter and Nutella on a cinnamon raisin bagel thin. Yummy!

5. Do you have a favorite tv show?
Flashpoint (I love all the crime shows!)

6. Do you have writers's block as a blogger sometimes?
I have the gift for gab, so, thus far, I have not been at a loss for words.
7. What talent would you like to be able to do?
I sing and draw all the time, but I'm not very good at either. I'd love to be as good at these two things as my students think I am!
8. Who's your favorite musician/group right now?
Celtic Thunder and the BeeGees
9. Best teaching moment ever?
I just won Teacher of the Year for my school, region, and then state. I was observed 3 separate times while teaching my first graders. We had so much fun showing off for the VIPs and bonded immensely during each of the observations.
10. Any funny sayings or happenings that happened in your class this week yet?
Oh my! On Thursday, I was model writing on the board for my first graders. I kept hearing some of them laugh while I was writing. I turned around and asked what was so funny. Then, they told me! Every time I bent down to write on the bottom of the board, my butt was going in the face of one of my students and he was trying really hard not to say anything because he knows not to speak when I am speaking. Poor kid! We had such a HEARTY laugh over this!

Here are my answers to Suzie's questions:

1.  What celebrity would you love to dine with? 
Brad Pitt!

2.  Lip gloss, lipstick, or chapstick?
Lip gloss...I reapply about 30 times a day. 

3.  Heels or flats?
I should be nicknamed the casual teacher. Flats 24/7.

4.  Favorite teacher gift you've been given? 
I just got a gift card to TpT for a lot of money! I am like a kid in a candy store!

5.  Favorite read aloud? 
Anything by Kevin Henkes

6.  The one item you can't live without that is in your classroom? My lap top.

7.  Pet peeve? 
I am a constant communicator with my students' parents. I get peeved when they don't read my emails and then email me asking me to tell them about what I just emailed them about.

8.  If you couldn't teach, what would be your career?
I would work with animal rescue.

9.  What are your plans for summer? 
Relax, vacation, and work on preparing for next school year.

10. Favorite non-teaching blog? 
Sadly, I only follow teaching blogs. Are there blogs out there that are not teacher related?  LOL!

Here are Tanya's questions:

1.  How long have you been teaching? 
17 years

2.  What’s your favorite subject to teach? 

3.  What’s your favorite season?  Reason? 
I love cold weather, so I'll say winter. I live in Florida, though, so the winters are very mild.

4.  Have you begun to count down to summer? 
Not yet, but I'm sure I will starting next week because there are no vacation days until Memorial Day weekend.

5.  How would your team mates describe you? 
Funny, flexible, and helpful

6.  What’s one of your pet peeves? 
When people are not funny, flexible, and helpful.

7.  What’s one thing that makes you “over the moon” happy? 
When my students are well behaved, on task, and respectful.

8.  Are you crafty?  Artsy Fartsy? 
I am crafty and artsy, but only when it is something I can make on the computer.

9.  Who is your favorite person? Anyone… 
My mom. She's incredibly strong and positive even when faced with adversity.

10.  How long have you been blogging? …and why?
I've been a blog stalker for about a year and I've had my own blog for a month. I love to read about what others are doing in their classrooms and get new ideas, as well as, share what I'm doing.

That was fun! I'll be back later with my list of questions and some people to tag! I hope you all enjoy your day!


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